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Beauty and the Bike Short – film

8 minutes of inspiration that was stolen from copenhagencyclechic

While you were at work on a Monday

Cranksgiving LA – EP Cycles – 99cent stores

Deftones @ Avalon 11/19 & 11/20

Benefit shows for Chi Cheng, last night was going off!

do not want


Defense Against Dark Arts – alleycat FL

Mr. Sheldon Brown

Get it here> bikeage

C3PR – Bike relay race – recap

So my team (Balls Deep) didn’t win this one, oh well i still got this funky fresh t-shirt..since OF printed up these bad boys!

Kendel Carson – One Fixed LA

Greg Garth – One Fixed LA

Andrew Nishinaka – One Fixed LA

Sean Martin – One Fixed LA

One Fixed LA – Riders Welcome

Left to Right:
Greg Garth, Kendel Carson, Vic Flores (O.F.), Sean Martin, Andrew Nishinaka

Fat tiring with Velo Cult San Diego

cool story > velocult

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