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Gyrowheel – Interbike 2009

Can i get this in a 700?

Can i get a lil wine…

with this cheese, but not this cheese…one without the green fuzz.

Destroyed Green

on the way

Date night

Lord of Griffith – photos from race

Failing to prepare…is preparing to fail

The Warriors – Charleston SC alleycat

i love this fucking flyer!

Critical Mass Douche bags
now that’s comedy

Well i guess i ain’t so tough…

with all this fun lately so i gotta come back down to earth.

tryna baseball jersey & tryna baby girl tee

on the way..super duper soft and smoove (look close at the jersey).
shirts made in usa and hand screened printed in LA with water based inks.

Future Perfect

JK will like this one!

nice cankle

FIXED Magazine

Download the 51 pages here FixedMagazine


the world as in life is what you make of it…no stress no hear that poopie!?

GTYD 2009

So in addition to riding bikes, making clothes and bullshit, another one of my big passions is golf. Which brings me to this post..
I do this golf trip GTYD (golf til you drop) once a year in early September with like 7 other dudes. I think its my fifth or sixth year but i can’t remember because they all seem to run into each other with memories of heat, my bad golf game and shitty beer. Now these dudes range in from 30’s to 60’s so its kinda like this mash of father figures, ideas, male bonding and acting like 14 year olds for 3 days. Lotta sports talk, lotta dick jokes and LOOOTTTTSSSSAAAAA Miller Delight. We play two rounds of golf at different courses each day in the sweltering Palm Desert heat, in upwards of 105 degree temperatures usually.
Then we go to a sports bar (Beer Hunter) drink way too much and laugh at all the same stories that we laughed at the year before or events that happened recently or that day. Now we aren’t just friends, most of us have also worked in the “real world = dayjobville” with each other helping each other out in some capacity so there’s even more of a connection here.
I can’t wait for this years version “drink til you drop”, “golf til you die” as its been referred to in the past. We’re going to see Sknyrd (i’m as free as a bird now) on Saturday night so that will be rad)! (that Sunday morning round is going to be rough)! I’ve had some of the most wickedest mornings of my existence on this trip, so hopefully i can make it back to print up some more wack tshirts. haha

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