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Texas Chainsaw Massacre – bike in movie

Da Raidaz

Oh yeah going to my first NFL pre season game up in Oaktown to see Nation vs. Cowboys tonight. Sitting by the black hole so its going to be awesome! YES i’m fucking latino and from muuuuthaaaafuking LA so that means I have to like the Nation, so all y’all haters can step off (haha) I even played pop warner tackle football as a young kid before i became an antisocial punk rock skateboard artfag wannabe.

(if your reading a lame bike blog!

Venice Chill Ride – alleycat

Was a killer time but not really so chill over in Venice Beach. Even though i picked a 5 as the bonus and finished way further back than i wanted i still had a blast. hey 29th (ouch) isn’t too bad…at least i didn’t get hit by a car or get tickets for running reds (i saw a few cops on main too)…i guess that’s why i make shirts instead of winning races haha…excuses are like assholes, everyone has one.

Lightlane Beta Prototype

dunno if i’m feeling this…but its def a start in the right direction and can only get better from here…

Catch Me If You Can ride – Pablove Foundation

A fun and creative ride for a great and extremely sad cause. The Headhunters rap trio play 2 songs on the back of a flatbed truck at four different stops in the city (O20 bikes – bike district, Origami Records – Echo Park, American Apparel – Little Tokyo, Bar 107 – Downtown) while bike people ride to each stop hang out and party. Ends up with a party over on Olympic to benefit/raise awareness for the Pablove Foundation for children who have been the victims of cancer.

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