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Tour de Dank Deux – Florida event photos


Catch Me If You Can – Promo

Catch Me If You Can – Event Promo Spot – Los Anglees, Ca – August 2nd, 2009 from Enjoy Human on Vimeo.

Tips for silk screen printing

1. Hire a little helper (under the table of course).
2. Have him do all the work, while you watch over his ass.
3. Thanks Oscar, i owe you buddy (now if we can get your homey Oliver to help out i might be in bizness!)

one "fucking" fixed t shirt

Is now available, screen printed logo in avocado green with some “french” included, strictly limited edition.

Fixed Gear Symposium – FGG

Portland Getting in On!

Gotta get up there!

Taco Tuesday – Culver City

Damn this ride is crazy, not a lot of riding or tacos but a lot of partying and swinging on flag poles.

Fucking Rock Stars!

PREVIEW: MASH Tour of California 2009 from MASH TRANSIT PRODUCTIONS on Vimeo.

I’ve seen the future…

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