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Where Are You Go – Trailer

I get chills watching this! Watch til the end TALL fucking BIKE!

Green Collar Economy – Van Jones

This is a great book i’ve been reading lately about how the US should be desperately moving towards a “greener” direction. Wish he had a section on bikes..

San Diego

Been spending a lot of time there recently…not for fun but for a sick family member. These past two weeks have been really rough mentally/emotionally/physically. i’ve seen things that i never thought i would…i think it’s made me appreciate my life and the lives of others so much more. It’s funny…you think you have forever on this planet but when you see/take care of a loved one on the edge, you realize you don’t.

Miripolsky vs. Nishiki
Thanks Mike!

Renegade Craft Fair LA – July 11 & 12

Gonna have a booth at this event on July 11 & 12, looking forward to it!

ECMC Berlin 2009


Rumble in the Jungle – Fonseca Films

Rumble In The Jungle from FonsecaFilms on Vimeo.

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