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Ghost bike – Jesus Castillo – RIP

Geekhouse Movie

Geekhouse Movie from Geekhouse Bikes on Vimeo.

Vegas baby!

one of the funnest/raddest/best weekends i ever had.

Breaking Away @ Hammer

Katie vs. Mandy – dragrace from tbm

Katie vs. Mandy from tbm on Vimeo.

friends don’t let friends ride drunk

This could possibly be…

the best quote i’ve ever seen.

“i’ve never owned anything better than a tent, a radio or bicycle”…read this on FGG next to some kids bike.

Carnival Tokyo

Why didn’t i think of this!? Sick!

Fixed Gear vs. Low Rider

1. Both are on the outer fringe of cycling culture.
2. Both are taking old frame technology/style.
3. Both can be customized to the hilt.
4. Both are sick as hell!
Thanks Nina & Niki!

Bauge vs. Sireau

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