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Velodrome – Carson

LA gets love.,0,2775663.story

Off to Vayguey!

For the Sea dog’s bachelor party and March Madness gonna be ill! Wish i was taking my bike..

Electric bike?

Saw this gal riding this puppy to work today..Not really sure what it is..i wanna open up that middle section.

Zlog boutique

Trash bags – messenger bag

I love that fucking logo!

ONE FIXED – store!

Is now up thanks to the genius Flav! More goodies on the way!

Livestrong in LA

Good times for a great cause! Childrens Hospital/Los Feliz to Montalban theatre in Hollywood, riding with Lance for 2 miles on a blocked off Sunset Blvd. are you fucking kidding me! Even though i didn’t see him on the bike it was still cool riding with the sea of yellow! Lance is in picture 2 on the stage with Villaraigosa and Garcetti..

Cooking up goodies!

The butchering has begun

So this is either the stupidest or raddest thing that i’ve done with a bike. I always seem to customize/destroy shit, whichever way you want to look at it. Is it better to have a killer bike you never ride or another fixie that you’ll mob all the time? This bike has received so many compliments its pitiful, if only my Atala were so lucky. I don’t really know but sometimes you just have to say what the fuck..

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