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Bike Racks LA!

San Diego custom bike show

Fast Friday – documentary

i just peeped this, you should too.

a day of riding – meadowandrain

a day of riding from meadowandrain on Vimeo.

Streettumblers Spring Trailer

Streettumblers Spring Trailer from Street Tumblers on Vimeo.

Chrome bags

So i’ve had this Chrome (citizen-medium) bag for about 6 months now and i feel its a good time to write a review, (rather than when you first receive a new item and try it out for a day).

The outer shell is some heavy duty polyester like material and the inside is a thick smooth tarp waterproof material or some shit, its not really gonna rip unless your carrying a bunch of razorblades or a machete out of its case (and if your doing that, you probably got bigger fish to fry than read some lame bag review).

Anyways, there is a ton of room inside, i can carry pants, shirt, hoodie, hat, camera, pump, tools, etc. and there is still plenty of room to put more stuff). The bag has two separate sections of space and front little pockets to put small stuff (wallet, phone, etc.). You can carry your bike tools (tubes, wrench, patch kit, etc. on one side and your clothes/whatever on the other. The shoulder strap is heavy duty and has some thick padding so its pretty comfortable even with heavy loads. Also on the strap is an old school seat belt buckle clasp with the Chrome logo which is waaay fooking cool man (that’s pretty much what sold me on’s the little touches ya know). Considering your carrying a suitcase on your back, this mufuka ain’t gonna break and the chest strap stabilizes it very well. (When my bag is full i don’t want it to move!).

The c-note + feels kinda hard to part with at first but we all know you get what you pay for and the last thing i want to think about when i’m riding is shit in or falling out of my bag. All in all the bag is worth the dough, built like a tank and meant to last a long time.

fucking potholes!

memo: to city of LA

subject: fix those fucking potholes!

i didn’t know he could ride fixed…why?

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