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Crush this city!

Descanso Manor 2009 – End of an Error

So i’m finally out of the Descanso Manor, a 1920’s brick brownstone that shoulda been condemned years ago. It has been affectionately referred to as a shithole by many including myself..many good times here, wrote alot of songs, did a ton of journaling and musically recorded some of the lowest fi acoustic tracks imaginable, drank a million beers on the roof looking at the high rises of downtown LA, and basically fell in love with the Eastside.
Rode all over the streets of Hollywood, the Eastside, the Westside and Downtown. Daytime rides, nighttime rides, solo rides at midnight on a Wednesday night, LA is a great fucking bike city for a bunch of car loving people and a beautiful place at 2 in the morning with no cars on the streets.
Was in the basement for 4 years, bars on the windows looking up to the sidewalk and on the 2nd floor for 1 year looking down on the murals and spray and wash car wash. No kitchen sink for 5 years and no gas in the stove for 1 year. Jeez i’m gonna miss this shithole! They say a picture is worth a thousand words, well here you go -

fixed gear mexico

Can you feel it happening!?

fixed gear mexico from Damian vega on Vimeo.

Move them out!

Moving to a new place in Silverlake! A whole 2 blocks away from the Manor and way nicer with more room and an actual kitchen sink and living room, WOW people have those? (end of an era!) Moving in with the baby, YAY. The moving part sucks (boxing up, lifting, going through old shiz) but once we get settled it will be rad! So many boxes, so much lifting…more time boxing means less time on the bikey. Lets get this done!


So we did a photoshoot with Alric, Melanie, Flav, Mike and Jessica for the site. I can’t thank you all enough! You know when you hear the saying “man i couldn’t have done it without you” well i really know that this is true. Thank you all!

The germs have left the building

I love the feeling of getting over a cold!

Fixed Gear vs. Skateboarding?

Why can’t we all just get along? To get a PBR tall boy, LMFAO!”

Lacing a wheel

Lacing a wheel… from Andy Ellis on Vimeo.

2009 Happy New Year!

So its 2009 and i gotta a few things going, got some little merch up on this blog until the website comes through in a few weeks. Going to do some better product shots and what not but until then you can get a little taste here. I’m really excited about 2009 more so than 2008, the beginning of last year i was going through some personal stuff that was clouding my vision alot. Now i feel like i’ve grown and more at peace and have come to terms with alot of that ole’ shiz.

Alot of stuff is already getting planned for this year, and i’ve never been much to plan any freaking thing. Got a new lover and thats been going really good, my best homeboy is getting married in Mexico (can’t fucking wait!) and i’m thinking about some tasty things on the horizon! I feel good about this year.

I’m going to see Wicked tomorrow with my lover! I wonder if they have bike racks?

FIXED – tshirt!

Screen printed black American Apparel tshirt, Medium, Large & XLarge – $20 each

FIXED – sniper beanie!

Just in time for all this cold weather bullshit! Sniper beanie with bill, embroidered FIXED logo on the left side. Comes in 5 colors – black, army green, red, yellow & pink. $15 each.

FIXED – headbands!

Terrycloth headband embroidered with the “FIXED” logo, two styles – USA & Rasta – $10 each.

FIXED – stickers get yours!

The new stickers are here and all you gotta do to get yours is send a self addressed stamped envelope (which means send an envelope with a stamped envelope inside with your address) totally fucking free!

Wolfpack Hustle

So i tried my first Wolfpack Hustle last nite to kick off the new year. Been wanting to do this ride for awhile now with all the hype and shiz but didn’t know if i could hack it. So i showed up to Tangs Donuts around 10pm and barely any heads were there, maybe the cold is keeping people away? Though, the spot filled up with quick mostly high end road bikes, i counted 4 brakeless fixies including myself out of maybe 40 heads. This is going to be interesting, we started out down Hyperion ave and we are hustlin’ already and this roadie right in front of me catches a seam/pothole and slams pretty hard causing me to check my speed and do a mad swerve so i don’t face plant right over him. Damn i am awake now, here we are flying down a dark totally fucked up road incline and already someone bites it hard, this ride is serious! I hang on for a bit then i feel my lungs starting to expand, my legs are starting to cramp spinning the fuck out on the downhills. I guess what homeboy said to me at the beginning is true (your probably gonna want brakes on this ride)…i guess being weak and not really riding for 3 weeks has caught up with me, oh well there’s always next monday. Excuses, excuses, they are like assholes, everyone has one.


riding brakeless tips

1. Keep your head/chin up and looking down the road even when you get tired. Fucked up shit can and will happen.
2. Watch drivers from the opposite direction making left turns in front of your azz. Even if they see you they’ll try to squeeze.
3. Learn how to skip, skid and make sudden stops..I’m all for picking lines and not stopping and shit but learn how to control your speed man.
4. Act like the bad ass you know you are. I mean come on your riding a bike in the city that doesn’t have gears, can’t coast or have brakes for crissakes. Its dangerous and thats why its so much fucking fun! If you want a safe activity go do yoga or knit a hat or some shit.
5. See rule #1


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