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ONE FIXED – clothing

So i’ve been working on this little clothing line of fixed gear related merch , shirts, beanies, stickers, and shiz lately. People say “do what you love and what you know” so i can’t really start a business drinking beer and eating junk food from my futon couch so i had to brainstorm of something i could do. hmmm i pretty much know how to get merch designed and i fucking love fixed gear bicycles and the culture associated with it so why not try to start something? why the fuck not! i’m soo over all of this affliction shit and think “i could do better than that” and i want to make some gear that i would wear ya know.
Most people have been really supportive of my hairbrained idea and thats been really cool..most of my ideas get the wrinkled nose response/reaction. But this one seems to get positive feedback since its something i’m totally into and passionate about. Though it hasn’t been so easy since i want to do all this stuff at once and there is all these permits and questions and shit of what do i need? what do i do? type of shiz. But now the ball is rolling and it feels good, this little endeavor may or may not work but one thing i know for sure is that if i do nothing it will never work. Yes we can!

Los Angeles Bike Scene! Reprazent!

L.A. Bike Scene from studiodrome on Vimeo.

Bike at night

Bright Bike from Michael Mandiberg on Vimeo.

Viva Biciclettas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So here are my babies that i shoulda posted along time ago, but i didn’t realize that little picture thing above the box you type text in means that you can upload a picture….so maybe more pix will appear on this blog ;)

Bike #1 – White Atala 1970’s fixed gear road bike converted, 53cm, originally navy blue but i wanted it white so i left the lugs blue and painted the rest white (this is the lazy mans way of rattle caning a bike when you don’t want to sand around the lugs) came out killer though! vintage Zeus crank with pista chainring, Christophe pedals, Soma double straps, Nitto drops with brown cloth tape, vintage seat (not a Brooks, but a real good copy, riding on leather is nice for the ass), gearing is 53/17 fixed hub only, can’t go floppin on this cat, this mutherfucker flys!

Bike #2 – Red Nishiki 1983 Tri A road bike 12 speed, with pretty aggressive geometry, wanted to convert this to fixed but homey at the LBS talked me outta it and i’m kinda glad he did. This bike is all stock, down to the bar tape, biopace crank, the only thing i changed was new tires. I love this bike though i never even ride this sucka anymore so a fixed may be in its future, don’t want to but may have to! Get it out on the road instead of holding up my record shelves.

And someday i’ll post my early 90’s Ross mountain bike and 1970’s low rider kids schwinn with the ape hangers and banana seat!

The Best Dog in the World!!!!

Was our family dog named Lucky, an irish setter laborador mix that was saved by my mother on the freeway after she witnessed him being hit by a car 16 years ago. He was the best most loving coolest mofo that i had ever hung out with…he saved me a bunch of times in my life….not in the traditional sense of rescuing me from a burning building or some shit..but telling me to hang out and take him for walks instead of sitting around feeling sorry for myself because i had no job, no money, no girlfriend, and what i thought “no life”. But i did have a life, it was taking care of him and that kept me going alot of the time…we would go jogging and on walks like twice a day…you know those days that last forever and are soo long when you don’t have shit to do…you have to plan little things to do. Everyone else is getting up and going to work, to school and taking kids to school and whatnot ya know living…
This dog was so fucking cool…he makes you get his name tattered on your chest so everyday when you look in the mirror it will bring a smile to your face. I was in the room to see you sleep for the last time buddy, 12/2/08 is a day i won’t forget…i don’t know why i’m writing this post but the world should know how much you meant because without you i wouldn’t be here to type this today.

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