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Prop H8 & City Gardens

Went on a ride to downtown LA last weekend to witness and take part in the protests going on against Prop. 8..we got there late so it was kinda mellowing out but the coppers were still in full force moving people along “you can’t stand here” and riding on horses and bikes. How do i get that job!? Could i ride a brakeless fixie though? Talk about easy money…until you have to ruin someone’s day by giving them a ticket or hassling them. I’m too much of a softie..
Then we rolled out to this inner city garden project of a friend of a friend that was down on Martin Luther King blvd and Normandie…a really inspiring project to see people growing there own food in the heart of the city. I thought food just appeared in the grocery store and i just stuck it in my face….Don’t they have big farms fields in the back of Von’s?! Just think, if you can grow your own food and have your own transportation how efficient one could be not having to rely on major corporate grocery stores and gas stations to take all of your hard earned chedda?! In a perfect world…but since i don’t have a garden in my closet apartment i guess its more 99 cent store hot dogs to live on for the next week or so. Those dogs taste soo good going down until the salt intake headache kicks in a bout 10 minutes later. I finally sold my Jeep too, i guess the old myths about “don’t run a car completely outta oil” is true…yes it does seize up and yes it will be a piece of useless shit after that!
Anyway screw it, i’m being way more “car lite” in my lifestyle and it was a gas guzzler to boot! I still got my old pickup truck “hooptie” as its been refered to…i mean i ain’t gonna attract any girls or look cool pulling up to the valet at the club but who cares, cars are metal coffins and LA is way too obsessed with them, way more than any other place in this country…i feel a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and i’m doing my little part to decrease my imprint on this earth. Awe how sweet that sounds.

Obama 2008

On my ride to work this morning i was like damn did Obama really win!? I always pass by this hugh banner with his face on it that someone has in there back yard facing the lake. I looked up this morning and it was still there ..i wonder how long they’re going to leave it up.
It was going off last night in Silverlake i could hear people driving down the street honking and’s kinda weird aren’t we supposed to be radically progressive on this side of town. Do we really think that this guy is our savior…doesn’t he have to play in this Capitalist game with all the other crooks? Are the major candidates really that different from each other? (i don’t think so but in this case i hope so). Nonetheless, i’m glad that he is in office and maybe we could see some change for the better for a while. He reminds me of a tan JFK with his good looks, pretty wife and excellent orating skills. I wonder if all this green environment talk and shiz will bring about more bike lanes/roads haha.

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