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about to drop.

eastside tee

This ain’t no biggie/2 pac shit here, it’s just a shirt and it’s on the way, don’t sleep.

Destroyed Green

on the way

tryna baseball jersey & tryna baby girl tee

on the way..super duper soft and smoove (look close at the jersey).
shirts made in usa and hand screened printed in LA with water based inks.


Tips for silk screen printing

1. Hire a little helper (under the table of course).
2. Have him do all the work, while you watch over his ass.
3. Thanks Oscar, i owe you buddy (now if we can get your homey Oliver to help out i might be in bizness!)

one "fucking" fixed t shirt

Is now available, screen printed logo in avocado green with some “french” included, strictly limited edition.

ONE FIXED – store!

Is now up thanks to the genius Flav! More goodies on the way!

Cooking up goodies!


So we did a photoshoot with Alric, Melanie, Flav, Mike and Jessica for the site. I can’t thank you all enough! You know when you hear the saying “man i couldn’t have done it without you” well i really know that this is true. Thank you all!

FIXED – tshirt!

Screen printed black American Apparel tshirt, Medium, Large & XLarge – $20 each

FIXED – sniper beanie!

Just in time for all this cold weather bullshit! Sniper beanie with bill, embroidered FIXED logo on the left side. Comes in 5 colors – black, army green, red, yellow & pink. $15 each.

FIXED – headbands!

Terrycloth headband embroidered with the “FIXED” logo, two styles – USA & Rasta – $10 each.

FIXED – stickers get yours!

The new stickers are here and all you gotta do to get yours is send a self addressed stamped envelope (which means send an envelope with a stamped envelope inside with your address) totally fucking free!

ONE FIXED – clothing

So i’ve been working on this little clothing line of fixed gear related merch , shirts, beanies, stickers, and shiz lately. People say “do what you love and what you know” so i can’t really start a business drinking beer and eating junk food from my futon couch so i had to brainstorm of something i could do. hmmm i pretty much know how to get merch designed and i fucking love fixed gear bicycles and the culture associated with it so why not try to start something? why the fuck not! i’m soo over all of this affliction shit and think “i could do better than that” and i want to make some gear that i would wear ya know.
Most people have been really supportive of my hairbrained idea and thats been really cool..most of my ideas get the wrinkled nose response/reaction. But this one seems to get positive feedback since its something i’m totally into and passionate about. Though it hasn’t been so easy since i want to do all this stuff at once and there is all these permits and questions and shit of what do i need? what do i do? type of shiz. But now the ball is rolling and it feels good, this little endeavor may or may not work but one thing i know for sure is that if i do nothing it will never work. Yes we can!

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